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The Headdress Mask  

The headdress mask is worn on top of the dancers head. Tall figures with a small base are fixed with plant fiber to a cap. This cap is attached to a costume which covers the entire body of the dancer, from head to toe. This type of african masks and costume is made to make the dancer appear abnormally tall and large, to symbolize the supernatural spirits.

The Helmet Mask:

The helmet mask covers the whole head. The helmet masks are created and carved from an entire tree trunk .This type of african masks is commonly used by the Sande from Liberia and the Mende, from Sierra Leone. An example of the Helmet mask is one worn by the secret society, KOMO. The KOMO is a secret, all-male society.

The Forehead mask

These african masks are widespread. They very often have horns. When the wearer bends forward, the horns are in the direction of the regarding person. The forehead mask is fastened together with a costume        

Horizontal Plank Mask:

Horizontal Plank Masks are carved to look like an owl or a flying bird. It is worn on the head.

Belly or Body Mask:   

The body or belly mask is created from a tree trunk. It is  hollowed out and fit to the front of the body.  This type of african masks is typically worn  by the Ndimu masker and is worn with a face mask.  The Makonde tribe is most well known for wearing the body mask.

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Afrikanische Masken

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